About this site, rec.sport.disc

Ultimate, also known as ultimate frisbee to non-ultimate players, is a field sport, played with seven players on a team, where players advance the disc down the field by throwing the disc to teammates while the opposing team attempts to prevent pass completions. The sport is non-contact and relies heavily on respect for other players, or the Spirit of the Game™*, to maintain its high level but spirited nature.

rec.sport.disc is a news group that originally discussed flying disc based sports, including ultimate, disc golf, guts and freestyling. After years of being unable to peacefully coexist, non-ultimate disc sports such as disc golf split into a separate news group, leaving rec.sport.disc to be ultimate centric.

Following the current trend of its namesake newsgroup, this site is dedicated to the discussion of ultimate, in all its forms: news groups, blogs, forum discussions, tournament results, and articles. Participation from all parties is highly encouraged. If you have something to say, please join in the discussion.

*The Spirit of the Game trademark is owned by the Ultimate Players Association (UPA), the United States' national governing body for the sport of ultimate. This site is not affliated with the UPA.